Pentax 17 and Photo Social Apps

Episode 166 · July 6th, 2024 · 33 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

If you're wondering whether film photography is really experiencing a resurgence in popularity, the announcement of the Pentax 17 is your answer. It's a brand-new film-only camera with some interesting design choices. Also in this episode, we talk about social media alternatives to Instagram for photographers.



Photo Scout from Cascable

Photo Scout is an app for people who love to take photos, but don’t love checking sunset calculators, aurora reports, and weather forecasts every single day. Simply tell Photo Scout what you want and it’ll keep an eye on everything for you and notify you when it’s time to go get that perfect shot.

Need a particularly vibrant sunset? The moon perched directly atop a mountaintop? The sun hitting that perfect spot in the sky? Photo Scout has you covered with all that and more - you say where, we say when. Check it out with a free trial today!

Find it at

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